Majolica Majorca Moist Cocktail Fixer 60Ml

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At the conclusion of the early morning beauty products, swoop out of above. It's a triple block cosmetics ground mist which not simply stops foundation, but in addition cosmetics including teak. Protect skin even when it's in season when we're concerned about pollen and also dryness, sebum. It's a triple stratum of lotion, whitening and serum, it's difficult to drop cosmetics and helps to keep your skin smooth. How you can utilize: Shake the planting container effectively before usage. Press the dispenser solidly to the tail end. At the conclusion of beauty products, there's certainly no aproximatelly fifteen cm from the face area, close the eyes and also lips. Spray a suitable volume (four to six push) on entire experience, and after that accommodate it along with the palm of the hands of yours. Pack Size - 60ml

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